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msu7Best Advertising for Contractors

Owning and operating a construction company makes for a busy life. Especially during the summer, you might be tempted to put marketing efforts on hold. The problem with that temptation is that one day, you wake up to find that you have few projects on the calendar. Here are some easy advertising strategies you can implement—even when you’re busy.

Yard Signs

msu8You might already be aware that referrals are some of your best leads. When one client has a good experience with you, he’ll tell his friends and you have new work, without even trying to advertise.

Ask your current client if you can place a sign in their front yard while you’re working on the project. Neighbors already notice the hustle and bustle happening next door—a sign that says, “Acme Fencing Can Give YOU a New Fence, Too!” will get them talking. They’ll ask your clients about your prices, service and reliability. As long as the client will report favorably, you’re likely to get the neighbors’ business, too.

Ask for Referrals

Another way to get neighborhood referrals is to ask. Simple... and free. When you’ve finished a client’s job, ask for feedback about your work. Then, ask if they have any friends or family that need your services.

Vehicle Advertising

msu9Your work trucks can be very effective advertising, too. Have them wrapped or painted to match your logo. Make sure your company name and phone number are highly visible. For a quick, low-cost way to advertise on your trucks, have some magnetic signs made with your logo and phone number.

Company Clothing

Buy t-shirts and sweatshirts with your company logo and make sure employees wear them. Your presence in the neighborhood will be that much more noticeable, and neighbors won’t feel concerned about strangers coming in and out.

Direct Mail

A direct mail postcard might have the same effect, if you send cards specifically to neighborhoods where you’re currently working. Let people know that you’re working in the area, and that they can watch for your trucks or signs (or both) and see firsthand the quality of your workmanship.

During the winter, when business is slow, make an appointment to meet with a direct mail company. You can outline a campaign and set some dates for mailings. Then, while you’re busy all you’ll have to do is call to let the company know which neighborhoods to mail to.

Don’t Forgo Advertising

Whatever strategy you use, don’t skip advertising, even when you’re busy. Keep your company visible and in the front of people’s minds for continued work.

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